Jed started a few blocks away from its current home in what was previously a derelict old office building (that had seen better days).  I loved the space immediately and knew this was the perfect place to build my Jed vision.  

The building was bursting with a personality underneath the rubble and I could foresee an amazing space with great coffee, healthy food and a room that would nurture big ideas within its cosy walls. 

Thanks to my beloved team of family and friends (lots of whom volunteered time), Jed was born!

The response from the community was immediate and this brave Jed crew and I were in awe at how Jed was embraced. 

At that time it was still a risk to promote refined sugar-free, gluten-free and a heavily plant-based menu in an older building off the main road.


After three delightful years, we outgrew that beautiful building and moved onto the main street. Again it was an older building that needed a lot of love and once again the stripping back process began.  We have been growing into our new space for almost three years and changes are enviable with Jed.  So we continue to grow and learn. 

What does not change is our focus on producing amazing coffee, creating a healthy and sustainable menu and excellent customer service.  We are constantly inspired by the community that we live in. 

We adore our customers and hope to be around for a long time to come!




Plant-based, paleo-inspired and free of refined sugars. This is the baseline for the majority of Jed's menu creations. While Jed does stay true to certain cafe staples and favourites, Jackie and Chef Bec draw inspiration from any style of cuisine you care to name. We find innovative ways to improve the vitality of ingredients so that they are free of allergens and can be enjoyed by customers with even the strictest dietary requirements.  The menu is almost entirely gluten-free with the exception of their organic Zeallybay Sourdough. All dishes made in-house are both gluten-free and refined sugar-free, an ethos that has remained true since the beginning.


Jed partnered with Padre at the very beginning.  Padre has been in the speciality coffee business for over a decade and started in much the same way, roasting from their first cafe in the heart of the community.  We value our relationship to all of our suppliers but Padre has been an exceptional part of our approach and growth in the area of coffee. It was Padre that introduced us to the award-winning St David's Dairy who provide us with incredible dairy milk to combine with our Padre beans.


​We have always baked our own goods; refined sugar-free and gluten-free.  Once the demand grew then we have carefully selected businesses that align with our menu and have some beautiful baked delights brought in.  And of course, we are always excited to put together a deliciously diverse spread of healthy bites for events and celebrations, get in touch​ if you would like us to cater to your next function.


The Jed menu is only possible because of the hard work of our suppliers put into their products. ​


Wherever possible we do our best to seek out local producers. Seasonally, this can have its challenges but we truly are spoiled by the quality of ingredients that come out of the Macedon Ranges region!


26B Aitken Street, Gisborne


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